Commissioned Art

Have you ever wanted to become a Mermaid or a Pirate? Also, Scroll down to see non-Mermaid Commissioned Art.

These are samples of custom hand painted versions


Wil Cormier fine art can create a custom piece of art with anyone of your choosing, by actually “Hand Painting” a new piece of art with you or a loved one in the art. (See Samples Above)

What we will do is either take a photo of you, or maybe even use a photo you already have, to put you in the scene.

These creations are far superior to some other “Face swapping” or “Photo-shopped” creations you may have seen in the past.

To assist us in being able to provide you with the highest quality results, there are some specific requirements we will try to cover to aid you in providing us with the ideal photo we will need to produce these custom art creations for you.

Photo tips

  • The photo provided must meet the following guidelines.
  • Must be well and evenly lit and have natural looking skin tones.
  • Face must be in the same position as in the art being created (See Samples Below)


  • Hair must be off the face to allow enough of the subjects face to be put into the scene.
  • Ideally the photo should be taken with as little distractions in the background as possible. Any solid color that can easily be separated from the rest of the photo will be fine.
  • When you position your face in what you think is the correct position, it may require additional photos to be taken and move your position slightly before taking each photo to provide a range of images to select the most appropriate position for the art.

There are situations when it may be necessary to make overall image adjustments to make the face look more natural in the scene or blend with the art better. The image above is such an adjustment sample.

These are more samples of custom  Creations.

Here are some other samples of traditional commissioned art.

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Commonly Asked Questions

Questions commonly asked when people inquire about the special commission program.

Question: Can I give you a picture to work from, so you can put in the face?
Answer: The angle of the head has to match close enough to whichever art you pick, to match the angle of the face in the painting.

Question: What is the best way to photograph the face?
Answer: The best way is to use a smart phone or digital camera that gives you good even lighting on the face. In other words no dramatic lighting with dark shadow. When you have selected the correct angle of your subject, as close as possible to the painting, shoot the picture, then move the camera slightly higher and shoot, then slightly lower and shoot, then slightly left and shoot and slightly right and shoot.  Make sure that the photographs are sharp and in focus.

Question: What size will the finished product be?
Answer: Size will be determined by the artists and discussed with the client.

Question: Is there a difference in cost of a smaller commissioned pieces vs. a larger commissioned piece?
Answer:  There is no cost difference because cost is determined and set by creating the image.  We have set sizes for each image that you can choose from.

Question: How long will it take to create one for my family?
Answer: 30 – 60 days

Question: What is the cost of this commissioned process?
Answer: The cost is determined by the artist and the client based on the art selected and complexity of the work to be done.

Question:  How much will it cost for an additional face added to the painting?
Answer: This also will be determined by the complexity and art selected.

Call with any questions or comments at (702) 492-6937

For pirate and mermaid commissioned art Send your photos to [email protected]