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Serenity – Poster Print

Serenity – Poster Print



1 for $20
2 for $35
3 for $45

Medium     Poster
Size     17″ x 22″

There is a bay on one of the Hawaiian Islands where the cliffs are lined with swaying palm trees, beautiful flowers and waterfalls that pour from its island rivers into the incoming surf below.  Under a full moon, there is a mermaid that on occasion comes out from the ocean depths and sits on a rock along the beach.  While sitting in this calm environment, she enjoys the sounds of nature as waves crash onto the rocks that create a fine mist into the atmosphere.  The aroma of tropical flowers and the sounds of distant waterfalls are very soothing and peaceful to her. The moon provides a show of its own, with brightly rim lit clouds moving across a deep indigo sky after a rain storm.  Nature has provided a soothing experience for this mermaid as she enjoys the serenity of this very special night.

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Serenity –  Poster Print

Pricing 1 for $20 2 for $35 3 for $45 Medium     Poster Size     17″ x 22″